Fox News host Laura Ingraham explains why voters shouldn't get distracted by the Trump-DeSantis fight and why they should focus on GOP "wins" on "The Ingraham Angle."

LAURA INGRAHAM: The Left started this war against traditionalism, and now they're shocked, shocked that Americans and new immigrants are fighting back. Finally, this was great to see in Michigan, Muslim-Americans are joining the fight against the sexualized curricula in our schools. They went to school board meetings and they're speaking out, and they tell me that Bud Light is literally being given away in some convenience stores after the Dylan Mulvaney trans fiasco. That backfired big time. 


So we're eating their lunch on all of these issues. But the Left, what do they have to offer? Racially divisive rhetoric and declining living standards. And meanwhile, our presidential primary? It's going to get tough. We know that. But given everything I told you tonight, win after win after win, we need to remain focused on the issues that are important to the public: immigration and the economy, one and two. 

And also the broad areas of agreement that all the Republican candidates share, but especially DeSantis and Trump. And do not miss, as things get exceedingly tough, the words and sometimes the actions during this primary — the good news? We're winning and we're just getting started. 

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