Rick Ross won his showdown with Fayette County over his 2nd annual car show ...  because officials reversed course and issued him a permit.

The country's director of planning and zoning sent a letter to Rick on Friday, informing him the permit for the upcoming event is now approved ... with certain conditions.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Fayette County county officials say Rick's event can't operate for more than 2 weeks, he has to get the county fire marshal's approval for any tents, he has to provide off-street parking and outdoor lighting has to shut off by 10 PM.

The about-face comes one week after Rick joined us on "TMZ Live" and declared his car show was full speed ahead despite being denied a permit.

The hip hop mogul hosted the car show last year without a permit, but some neighbors complained and he brought in event planning experts to help for this year's show, which is going down June 3 at his Promised Land estate in Fayetteville, GA.

Rick's neighbors sued to stop the show from coming back to his property, but on Wednesday a judge ruled Ricky Rozay was free to try and get a permit ... and now he's got one.

RR's attorney, Leron Rogers, tells TMZ ... "Rick Ross and his team are excited to get the administrative hurdle behind us and look forward to a great event on June 3, 2023."

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