LD 1726 Child Care

AUGUSTA -- The Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services held a work session on a bill to bolster childcare services Wednesday.

LD 1726, which is titled an act to build Maine's economy by supporting child care for working families, would double the monthly $200 wage stipend for childcare employees.

The proposed bill would also expand eligibility for childcare subsidies, making programs more accessible to working families.

Senator Marianne Moore, who is in favor of the bill, says increased access to childcare would be greatly beneficial for Maine's working families.

"We are in dire need of childcare throughout the state. Every time we turn around and we start looking at the workforce shortages, the comments made are that I can't find childcare."

Under this proposal child care assistance would be available to families that make up to 125% of Maine s median wage.

It would also require childcare facilities to submit subsidy reports annually.

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