AUGUSTA -- A state district attorney has decided to honor the victims of a devastating car crash in a unique way. 

May 20, 2021 three people lost their lives while simply walking along cony road. Now the city of Augusta is working to honor these women and the young child who died.

"Augusta is a very caring community and I think it's very appropriate that we are able to memorialize their memories," said Mark O’Brien.

The District Attorney for Kennebec and Somerset counties, Maeghan Maloney said she spoke to the families involved and family members loved the idea of a memorial instead of additional court fines paid by the driver, Robert Santerre who fell asleep behind the wheel.

"It was her creative thinking [i think] that came up with this ideal of a memorial for the victims of the accident," said O’Brien.

Santerre was convicted of a traffic infraction causing death and ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution.

 Maloney offered those funds to the city of Augusta to build the memorial.

 A city council member says the board gladly accepted the district attorney's offer.

 "The memorial will be befitting them. But it certainly won't make it any easier for the folks that have suffered the loss," said Michael Michaud, a Augusta city council member. 

The city is working to make sure no more accidents occur on Coney road.

"What the City of Augusta is doing right now is [working] in the design phase of a sidewalk that runs along the Coney Road and past the scene of the accident," said O’Brien.

 A plaque memorial will be placed on the sidewalk project to remember those who perished in the accident.



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