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UMaine Art Education Class Presents Shaw House Project

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UMaine Art Education Class Presents Shaw House Project

ORONO - University of Maine students in an advanced art education course gave their presentation on an art service learning project that focused on the youth at the Shaw House.

The ladies helped the youth make ceramic pins that are now being sold for five dollars at shops in downtown Bangor.


The goal of the class was to teach Shaw House residents how to use art in a beneficial way, those proceeds going towards the purchase of musical instruments.


"All kinds of instruments really brought their energy to the surface," Julie Roach, one of the students, says. "It lets them express themselves and the need especially with the lack of instruments. That was what they wanted to do, they really wanted to change that. That they could do something, make it happen."


Not only was it a way to make an impact on the community, but also a learning experience for the future.


"It's going to be easier to not put students into a box when I'm in my own classroom," Lowansa Sprague Tompkins, another student, adds. "Whatever they're going through, they are people, and that needs to be humanized."


A total of 380 pins were made along with 20 small sculptures.


The group has projected sales of $1,900 if all those items are sold.

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