Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell

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Kelly Mitchell joined the news team in March of 2018. She grew up splitting her time between York, ME and Haverhill, MA, but her favorite childhood memories took place along the rocky coast of southern Maine. She's now excited to explore other parts of the state.

She graduated from Suffolk University, where she got her first taste of journalism covering the Boston Marathon bombing trial live from the courtroom. She spent the end of her college career working as a writer at WHDH in Boston.

An avid traveler, she's visited ten countries and used to live in Spain. When not working, Kelly can be found reading with a coffee, out with friends, or wandering by the ocean.

Got a story idea? Reach her at [email protected] or send her a message on twitter at @kmitchell_news.

Saturday, 16 February 2019 16:38

UMaine team hosts timber sports competition

OLD TOWN - Basketball wasn't the only competition happening this weekend. The University of Maine Woodsmen team held their home meet on Saturday.

ELLSWORTH - You might want to take a good look at it, because a 19th century fire house on Route 1A may not be around much longer.

Thursday, 14 February 2019 18:02

State lawmakers address abortion funding

AUGUSTA - Some state legislators are trying to make it easier for women to get an abortion, but that would require state funding.

Thursday, 14 February 2019 17:44

Lawmakers address telemarketer calls

AUGUSTA - How many times have you gotten a phone call from an out of state telemarketer, or someone with a 207 number that turns out to be a computer? Some state legislators are trying to change that.

AUGUSTA - A state legislator is trying to simplify requirements for apprentice lobster and crab fishing licenses and for student lobster and crab fishing licenses.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 16:44

Hermon Public Works takes on winter storm

HERMON - Plow truck drivers have been out in full force since early Wednesday morning. To find out how they're handling the storm, our news team rode along with one of Hermon's plow truck drivers on one of their routes.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019 18:19

Bill could make using a fake caller ID illegal

AUGUSTA - It could become illegal for telemarketers to use a fake number on caller ID.

AUGUSTA - It's been about a year since the Downeast Correctional Facility in Machiasport closed abruptly, leaving more than thirty people without a job.

BANGOR - An annual event in Bangor highlighted Maine's craft beer scene with two tasting sessions Saturday.

CAMDEN - The legal team for Sharon Carrillo wants statements given by her to law enforcement to not be used in her trial.

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