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Local Woman Celebrates her 105th Birthday

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OLD TOWN -  One woman says there's no hidden trick to reaching the age of 105.


“There’s no secret for myself, all you do is live a normal life,” said 105 year old Lucienne Cloutier.


Lucienne Clotier doesn't bath in a fountain of youth.  She also says she doesn’t have a secret for her aging. “She has a good attitude,” said her daughter Theresa Cloutier-Hart, "and she rarely complains that she is tired. I believe it’s because of her love of life.”


The 105 year old was born in 1909 in Saint Cyprien, Quebec, Canada.  She was the second youngest of fourteen children and didn't stop working till she was 90.  She says walking a mile a day keeps her young.


“I just love it. If you love anything you can do it,” said Lucienne with a smile.


Lucienne's long life includes four children, 12 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.  She believes playing solitaire and eating healthy makes her feel ten years younger.  “I don’t feel a change,” said Lucienne. “I feel the same ten years ago as I do today.”


“Everyone is astonished at all that she does. I feel like I have to carry around a birth certificate to show people that she is actually 105,” Theresa said.


Oh, and Lucienne might have fibbed a little about how she's managed to live so long...but at least her youth potion is doctor approved. “Make sure it is red wine and drink it once a day,” said Lucienne. “Yes, that’s a good drink for you.”


If it means reaching 105, maybe we should all raise a glass for health.