Thursday, 11 July 2019 14:54

Baxter visitors reminded to bear-proof goodies

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BAXTER STATE PARK - Staff at Baxter State Park are asking the public to use caution after slightly more bear sightings than usual for this time of year have been reported.

A park naturalist said this is due in part to food being left unattended and that there have been instances this season of black bears getting into some Doritos and English muffins.


Park staff reminded visitors that coolers are not bear-proof and that they should store all food, trash and scented items in animal-proof containers inside their vehicles.


They also reminded the public what to do if they encounter a bear.


"Certainly keep your distance, don't approach it. You know, I know, it's tempting to get that Instagram photo but you know the best thing you can do is just back away, give it room and report it to a ranger," Park Naturalist Marc Edwards said.


Edwards said there have been four or five bear sightings since June and that while bears are not uncommon there, they usually are seen in late summer or early fall as they are fattening up for hibernation at that time.