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Penquis service fixes local woman's home Featured

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 BANGOR -  One woman's life was boosted by a helping hand from Penquis.

According to Penquis Family Community Support Worker Lisa Jipson, the Penquis Assurance 16 program gives low-income homeowners and renters a chance to make their home comfortable and environmentally friendly.


"If we are able to make homes more energy-efficient, fuel assistant dollars can go further and help more people and make it more affordable to live a winter in Maine," Jipson said


For Shiela Crocker, the weatherization project is a lifesaver.


The roof of her childhood home started leaking during winter to the point the water was knocking pictures off the walls.


She applied, hoping to get a new roof.


When Penquis employees came to check out the house, they noticed she also needed new windows, doors and siding that had insulation.


"There was no way I could have afforded it. I couldn't even afford the roof and they were such a big help and the fellas that came out and did the job, they were so nice and helpful. They didn't disrupt my life at all, which is what I'm very much against," Crocker said.


After 70 years, she says her house was on its last legs.


"If they hadn't come and fixed it, I would have had to stay here until the house fell in on me or I died and somebody would've come and find me because I'm not leaving until I'm dead," Crocker said.


Those who are part of the program, like Mike Bonney, say it can be life-altering for people like Sheila and those in similar situations.


"She was at the end of her rope, and they just don't know where to turn. They don't have any hope, so what we do is we go in and give them a little hope," Bonney said.


To learn more information about the weatherization project or other services Penquis offers, call (207) 973-3500.

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