Sunday, 07 July 2019 16:22

Volunteers clean Bangor parks

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BANGOR - Some local members of the Socialist Party of Maine held a community park cleanup Sunday morning.


Our news team got there as the first volunteers were showing up to Second Street Park in Bangor.


Volunteers said they start at Second Street and try to hit as many parks as possible to get them ready for kids to enjoy the summer weather.


They also said they usually find three or four needles, but that having a syringe exchange at Health Equity Alliance in Bangor cuts down on the needles they find.


"From our last events I'd say that we get like ten trash bags of stuff...I like to make, you know, a point of service in this community," said Dave Carbagio, helping to clean up the park.


Volunteers are out every first Sunday of the warmer months to clean up Bangor parks.

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