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Waterfront food vendors becoming a go-to lunch spot Featured

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BANGOR - The Bangor Waterfront is a busy summer spot for runners, bikers and walkers. Over the past few years, it's also become the go-to place for a quick bite of food.

"We always have a lot of clientele and really good business," said Melt Food Truck Co-Owner Alexis Walls. "The Bangor Savings [Bank] headquarters is open now right across the street and so they have about 400 employees in that building, so we've definitely seen an increase and a little bit of a bump having them as our neighbor so that's really nice."


It all started 7 years ago with Pompeii Pizza.


"I think the first year we were over on the grass but we were moved our second year and all the way until our seventh year in this location right here," said Pompeii Pizza Owner Will Carney.


There's only five spots for food trucks in the lot. All of them are now filled.


"It's been a great success down here, certainly with all the activity on the waterfront," said Bangor Parks & Recreation Department Director Tracy Willette. "It's a great amenity to add down here. We've got a good variety of food vendors down here so what we see as a trend statewide and around the country has certainly come here to Bangor and we try to do the best we can to encourage that."


Vendors have to go through Bangor's Parks & Recreation Department to get their permits.


"For seasonal vendors we do a short three-month season for 1,000 dollars and then a longer mid-May to first of october season for 1,500 dollars."


Daily passes can be purchased for 40 dollars, according to Willette. It's an option other vendors are choosing, especially with the increasing popularity in food trucks.


"To open a restaurant in this area, it's a huge amount of money, it's a huge amount of risk," said JJ's Jerk Shack Co-Owner Whitney Walker. "It was really nice to kind of fall into the food truck scene because you're able to do it on your time."


Willette said Bangor city councilors have also approved food vendor spots near Gomez Park, Pickering Square and near the airport.

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