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Union River Center for Innovation celebrates success of businesses Featured

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ELLSWORTH - Starting a business can be tough but they are celebrating innovation and success in Ellsworth.

Businesses come to Union River Center for Innovation to build their business from the ground up.


"They have to go through coaching and mentoring and then they graduate from this building," said Micki Sumpter, director of Union River Center for Innovation.


On Friday, everyone came together to celebrate all the great successes of the companies and people located in the center.


"It's so exciting to see that they're all growing," Sumpter said.


"Everyone's in a great vibe, great mood just seeing where everyone started and where they're at now," Anthony Witham said.


The center for innovation helps businesses make their dreams a reality. One became a virtual reality. Chuck Carter is the founder of a company called Eager Games. He has been in the gaming industry for about 28 years. Now he has the opportunity to release his own virtual reality game.


"It's very exciting. Something we've been striving for for years. To have it finally finished is the big thing," said Carter.


ZED takes you through the mind of a man with dementia. Carter explained the goal is to reconnect memories in an attempt to finish a book for his granddaughter.


"There's no violence, it's very strong story, and from what everyone's been talking about it they really like it. It's really emotional," said Carter. "I'm pretty proud of the guys I've worked with."


"I think it's really fun," Witham said in reaction to the game.


The game that started as a vision is now being played by many.


"We're all excited," Sumpter said. "We're very very excited and I'm so proud of Chuck."

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