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Local Republicans react to President Trump's re-election campaign Featured

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BANGOR- President Trump announced his re-election campaign on Tuesday night. 

While thousands gathered in Orlando to hear the announcement live, there was also a group in Bangor watching closely.


"We need to take care of our people here first and that's what Trump is trying to do," said Lisa York, the recording secretary for the Penobscot Republican Committee.


Dozens of Trump supporters gathered at Seasons Bar and Grill in Bangor to watch him announce his re-election campaign.


"I'm coming out today to support President Trump because I'm a big fan of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and whatnot, as well as the healthcare reforms he's pushing," Cody Porter, an event attendee, told us.


People at the event said Trump's policies help the whole nation, including Mainers.


"A rising tide lifts all boats," said Jason Savage, the executive director of the Maine GOP. "What Trump is doing for the American economy is helping Maine workers."


When asked about the Mueller report, Savage said he doesn't believe it will hurt the campaign.


"President Trump is helping Maine workers and helping the Maine people prosper and that's what they care about," Savage said. "They don't care about the fake little games the Democrats are playing to try to distract from that the Democrats have no plan."


The chair of the Maine Democratic Party, Kathleen Marra has already released a statement about Trump's re-election campaign announcement.


"The energy on the ground for change is palpable, and the Maine Democratic Party will continue to turn energy into results," Marra said.


"After historic wins in 2018, Mainers are ready to hold President Trump accountable for prioritizing the pocketbooks of special interests while everybody else was left behind. And after Senator Susan Collins let Mainers down for going along with Trump and her party more than at any time in her entire career, voters are looking for a senator who will stick up for Mainers instead of the special interests,” she added.


Supporters at the event said they are confident Trump will keep his promises to the American people.


"I think people should consider that he tries to keep his word on what he's trying to do," York added. "I think that's important for any politician."

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