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Lawmakers review Gov. Mills' $200 million state bond package Featured

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AUGUSTA - State bonds were the topic of discussions for legislators Monday.

 A committee of lawmakers including Senator Cathy Breen and Senator Jim Hamper reviewed Governor Mills' bond request for $239 million to fund different upcoming state department projects.


"We not only vote in here but we send them to the voters and that makes it clear that all Mainers want to make this kind of investments over the long haul," Breen (D - Falmouth) said.


In Governor Mills' bond package, $105 million is for the Maine Department of Transportation. The money will be used for building and repairing roads and bridges, among other projects.


"It's really important that we keep up our infrastructure and that we have the financing set up to do that. So, we look forward to making some of these investments and making sure people understand how important they are to the economic health of our state," Breen said.


$19 million in the package is slated for statewide community colleges, the Maine Department of Education, as well as childcare and defense projects.


Another $65 million of that money goes to the Department of Agriculture's Land for Maine's Future program.


But with time running out in the session, one lawmaker said he realizes this bond package needs to be finalized soon


"We may remove portions of that 239 million dollar request and pare it down, so we'll see how that goes. We've got to get moving on them, they've got to be voted out of committee and sent upstairs for voting by both the House and Senate," Hamper (R - Oxford) said.


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