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Pittsfield residents open time capsule Featured

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PITTSFIELD - After months of being displayed at the library, a time capsule buried in Pittsfield back in 1969 was opened on Saturday.


The event starts off a week of bicentennial celebrations, celebrating the 200th birthday of the town.


"It's a chance to bring the community together, I mean 200 years is a long time," said Jan Laux, a bicentennial committee member.


The capsule was originally dug up from ten feet below Manson Park in November, but it didn't escape without water damage.


Those on the bicentennial committee took an early peek inside to make sure everything remained relatively in good shape.


"I was one of the folks that had a chance to take a look inside the time capsule before today, and knew who I needed to make sure was here," said Michael Lynch, a bicentennial committee member.


Among the items inside the time capsule were letters written to descendents of town members, documents from the 150th anniversary of Pittsfield, newspaper clippings, and items from local businesses still around today, like Cianbro.


The town also got a joint resolution from the state legislature, recognizing the bicentennial, presented by Sen. Brad Farrin.


"The community really comes together for events like this and I hope that continues and that's going to help the town grow and move forward," said Rep. Scott Strom.


Bicentennial committee members said they'll be putting new items in the time capsule until December, but to keep it from getting water logged, this time around, it'll be going to the historical society.


"We did some research and people don't bury time capsules anymore, we know why," said Laux laughing.


The bicentennial festivities continue throughout the weekend and into next week, with the most happening on Wednesday, June 19th - the town's official birthday.


And Laux shared a fun fact with our news team. When Pittsfield was first incorporated in 1819 it was called Plymouth Gore and was a part of Massachusetts. That's because Maine didn't become a state until one year later.

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