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Stetson sex offender extradicted to Connecticut to face girl's murder charge

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BANGOR - The Stetson man accused of murder, sexual assault and kidnapping an 11-year-old girl in Connecticut more than three decades ago, is heading back to Connecticut to face the charges.

Marc Karun, 53, was arrested Wednesday by Maine State Police on a fugitive from justice warrant out of Norwalk, Connecticut. He is wanted in the 1986 death of 11-year-old Kathleen Flynn, who was assaulted and killed on the grounds of her middle school. DNA connected Karun to the cold case crime.


“He had the choice to waive extradition or he could have asked for a hearing,” said District Attorney Marianne Lynch on the steps of the Penobscot Judicial Center. “He did waive the extradition today so he'll be moving to Connecticut. I anticipate that will be very shortly.”


Lynch also issued condolences to the family of Flynn.


Lt. Art Weisgerber of the Norwalk Police Department said after the hearing that he and another officer would be picking up Karun from the Penobscot County Jail on Friday for the trip back to his home state.


Maine charges that Karun was a felon in possession of 10 firearms were dropped so that he could quickly be returned to Connecticut.


Karun is a lifetime registrant of the Maine Sex Offender Registry for a 1989 sexual assault conviction in Connecticut.


He is facing murder and kidnapping charges in the death of the girl 33 years ago.

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