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Friday, 07 June 2019 17:11

Judge: Mom's confession stays, 2 murder trials Featured

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BANGOR - The attorneys for a Maine couple charged in the beating death of a 10-year-old elementary school student in Stockton Springs last year have learned they will not be tried together.

Accused murderers Sharon and Julio Carrillo got good news and bad news in a decision handed down on Thursday.


“We're really happy with the decision to sever the two trials,” said Chris MacLean, attorney for Sharon Carrillo. “The thought of having a trial in the same courtroom with Julio Carrillo, her abuser and tormentor, would have been very, very difficult.”


Both Sharon and Julio Carrillo are charged with murder in the brutal beating death of her 10-year-old daughter, Marissa Kennedy.


The child died in a Stockton Springs condo in February 2018 after months of daily beatings, the state medical examiner determined.


Justice Robert Murray issued the decisions Thursday. Julio Carrillo's attorney Darrick Banda did not argue for or against separating the trials.


“The overarching theme is to prevent prejudice to either Sharon or Juilo,” said Laura Shaw, attorney for Sharon Carrillo. “And it would have been much, much more difficult to do that if their trials were going to be held together.”


“The judge felt like it would have ended up using more judicial resources instead of less to have a joint trial,” she added later.


The judge also responded to Sharon Carrillo's motion to suppress her confession and other statements recorded on video by investigators. She asked they be thrown out because she was a victim of domestic violence.


“The other news that we received is that the court denied Sharon Carrillo's motion to suppress her statements,” Shaw said.


“That's a disappointment,” MacLean said. “We thought we made a really good argument.”


“The other thing the judge did is said that Julio Carrillo needs to resolve his case first,” MacLean said. “That's really helpful. We now have the luxury of watching and seeing what happens with Julio.”


Judge Murray wants Julio Carrillo's murder trial to begin in August.

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