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Hooked on Maine Outdoors group teaches kids to fish Featured

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ABBOT -  Thursday was a pretty nice and clear day for school kids from Guilford to head out to Drummond Pond to catch some fish.

Volunteers from Hooked on Maine Outdoors gathered to show the kids the ropes of baiting and hooking the fish.


When the fish weren't nibbling, volunteers like Rocco Palumbo and Floyd Marsh taught the kids the key to fishing.


"It's patience and I found that out years ago, " said Palumbo. "I was a firefighter and on my days off I used to go fishing to get rid of the stress, relax on the water and don't think about a thing. And I tell the kids the same thing. Relax, throw the line out, sit down and relax."


Some kids weren't able to pull up anything, but others like fourth-grader Emma Fulsom were.


"I caught a pickerel thirteen and a quarter inches, and I didn't get to keep it because it jumped out of somebody's hand," Fulsom said.


And seeing the smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile for the volunteers.


"When they catch their first trout or any fish, they think they got a million dollars. It makes me feel good to see them catch it," Palumbo said.


They said that passing down the fishing traditions is important.


"Well, it's our heritage in Maine, fishing and hunting. So I figure I'm doing my part," Marsh said


As the volunteers from Hooked on Maine Outdoors showed the kids, patience today will get them fish, but patience down the road will get them other rewards.

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