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Benjamin's Pub gets new life after years of being closed Featured

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BANGOR- More than forty years after its initial opening, Benjamin's Pub is open once again.

Under the new ownership of the Clarks, Richard "Clarko" and Mandy Clark, the space isn't going to be used the same way as it was when there were nightclubs there.


"It's more of a pub mentality now, so we won't have the loud music. You're going to be able to talk to who you're with and catch a game on the TV and shoot a game of pool, " Richard said.


After the bar was closed in 2015, the current owner took it upon himself to reopen the pub.


"I think I was just walking back into the place once the property manager let us in to look at it. Once I saw it, it was something that just kind of overcame me. It's familiar to me, as it is to a lot of Bangor residents, and it just really kind of gnawed at me to bring it back," he said.


Another change for the reboot pub is the earlier closing time, tailored to its patrons' desires.


"Just like the patrons of Benjamin's, Benjamin's has matured. I don't think none of us want to stay up to 1 o'clock anymore and whoop it up like we used to.So that's why I took a different tone with it," he said.


John "JP" Parcak, who operated Benjamin's from the seventies and eighties, felt the namespace is in good hands.


"This is a compilation of their dream come true like it was for me in 1973 to make the whole thing come full circle," Parcak said.


He also said the purpose of the original Benjamin's and the reboot remains the same.


"All you're presenting to the customer is a pleasant memory, and if they have a pleasant memory they're going to come back, and that's what they're doing," Parcak said.

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