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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 17:42

Unusual rescue leaves boaters grateful Featured

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GLENBURN - A passing storm sent Glenburn firefighters to Pushaw Lake Monday for a quick and successful rescue. The two pedal boaters said they were thankful for the quick response.

"It was a sunny and beautiful day and then we just went out into the middle of the lake and then a storm came through pretty quickly and the water got pretty choppy and it started raining," said boat passenger Sam Chase.


Chase and his girlfriend Abbie Shaw were enjoying Monday afternoon with a pedal boat ride when storm clouds rolled through.


"We saw the clouds coming, and we were like 'OK, the clouds are coming, we should probably head back to shore' but as soon as we decided we were going to head back to shore, that's when it started to get super choppy," said Shaw.


The couple began pedaling hard for the shore, battling strong winds and rough waters. Someone nearby noticed and decided to call for help.


"Well we made contact with the two boaters and we got them out of their boat that was starting to go under water at that time and got them into our boat safely and we were able to tow their vessel and get everybody back to their starting location," said Glenburn Fire Chief Jordan McLaughlin.


Chase and Shaw nearly made it all the way back to the shoreline when crews arrived, and while at no time did they feel they were in immediate danger, they were so thankful for the help of the first responders.


"The response time was amazing and the amount of people that came were amazing," said Chase. "I think we fortunately were not in that bad of shape but we could have been in bad shape."


Chase and Shaw both had life jackets on as well, which would've been a huge help if they ended up in the water.


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