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MLTI Student Conference Featured

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ORONO - Thursday was the 16th Maine Learning through Technology Initiative conference.

The spring semester is over for the University of Maine students, but you couldn't tell with all the cars and buses filling the campus Thursday.


According to Amanda Nguyen, the digital learning specialist for the Maine Department of Education,  Maine Learning through Technology Initiative brought students and teachers from elementary and middle schools across the state.


"Each year we gather over a thousand students from across the state to be here to spend the day creating the technology in some way. So we have students creating videos with green screens or learning to code and make apps, exploring virtual reality worlds and how to create them," Nguyen said.


For a lot of kids, like Bucksport Middle Schooler Philip Cotoni, technology is a way to express themselves.


"Because I think it's cool and I like doing it, because it's not normal to love computers and stuff and I like being not normal," Cotoni said. "I just like doing computers because I think computers are fun."


The kids they learned spending the day creatively engaging with technology was worthwhile.


"I've never gone to something cool like this and when I come to places for field trips this is not what I am expecting," Cotoni said.


And what they saw Thursday they can take with them into the future.


"It's an opportunity for them to gain skills that will help them later on in different jobs or in different industries that are constantly evolving as technology continues to evolve," Nguyen said.

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