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Warmer weather pushes people to Bangor waterfront Featured

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BANGOR- There's an increase in activity on the Bangor waterfront as crews get ready for the busy season.

Officials say it's becoming one of Bangor's biggest attractions.


Tracy Willette, the director of the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department has been preparing the waterfront for the warmer weather.


The waterfront of today is a far cry from what it was in its early days.


"The waterfront started out as a rail yard, and a coal yard and there were fuel tanks down here and it transitioned to the green space and the walking paths and dock space and the paved walking paths that you see here today," Willette said.


With that transformation, the waterfront has added food trucks and many concerts as well as other services.


"If you have a boat and want to come up the river, we allow boaters to come and dock for the first two hours for free on a short term basis. So once they're here they can come ashore and are within easy access of downtown. So certainly it's a unique amenity down here that attracts both our own citizens here in Bangor as well as folks around the region to come here and enjoy the day in Bangor," Willette said.


He also said there's been an increase of food trucks at the waterfront, growing from one or two a couple years ago to five in total now.


"That means folks are coming here to enjoy what's here, patronize the businesses that are here. Certainly, the activity that has grown down here helps everyone here, both businesses and again allows citizens to come down here as well to enjoy the day," Willette said.


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