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United Farmers Market of Maine Featured

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BELFAST- This isn't your average farmers market, as the United Farmers Market of Maine is year round because everything is in an indoor facility.


But to keep it all running smoothly, manager Robert Skillings, says they rely on each and every one of the vendors.


"We're a producers market, so everybody in the market needs to produce what they're making. We have a lot of artisans, a lot of bakers and its pretty much like 60 small businesses all in this one facility," Skillings said.


All 60 plus vendors are from Maine.


"It's a really great community and they buy a lot from each other and its put back in the community, every dollar that's spent stays here longer than if you buy from a grocery store," Skillings said.


And he also touches on how there is a symbiotic relationship between the market and the vendors.


"I think the major thing is that a lot of these people wouldn't be able to open their own business if they had to have a storefront but here they're just renting a small space just four to eight feet where they can come. And a lot of them make enough on Saturday to support themselves," Skillings said.


But according to the Events Manager for the farmers market, Kristine Wentworth, it's not the farmers market itself or the vendors who benefit the most.


"It's incredible for Belfast. It brings a lot of vibrancy into town, brings a lot of folks from out of the area and locals together to enjoy local events, local produce and they also eat dinner in town. So we grow here and then the Belfast community grows as well," Wentworth said.



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