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Acadia National Park officials prepare for Memorial Day visitors

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MOUNT DESERT ISLAND - Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer tourist season and the staff at Acadia National Park is gearing up for the rush.

On Thursday, Acadia National Park spokeswoman Christie Anastasia described the effort.


"Acadia National Park has somewhere around 80 [to] 90 permanent employees who work here year-round, so in order to get ready to welcome over three and a half million visits, we need more people than that," Anastasia said.


So we bring on another 120 or 150 seasonal or temporary employees starting right around now and we keep them through the fall season and they stay employed for us to help welcome all the visitors that are coming," she said.



Getting the park ready for visitors involves a great deal of behind-the-scenes work, according to the park spokeswoman. 


"Memorial Day is one of our first big holidays that comes and brings a lot of people to the park and a lot of families. And so to get ready for that we need to open up the Park Loop Road, we need to open up the Carriage Roads, " Anastasia said.


Park officials are doing what they can to prepare for the influx of people and offer some advice for anyone planning to visit.


"You need to be strategic about where you're gonna go. The entire park is not congested but we have a tendency to have everybody want to be in the same place at the same time. So if folks can just kind of spread themselves out a little bit, they might have more of an enjoyable visit," Anastasia said.


For those looking forward to traveling along the trails and enjoying the scenic views as well as those who are preparing to camp this spring and summer months in the national park.


Anastasia urged those who plan to camp at the park to reserve spots online in advance to make sure there are campsites available.

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