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Orono School Department holds safety information session Featured

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ORONO-  On March 27, Orono schools went into lockdown after a threat was brought to their attention.

"Fortunately, this one was just a mistake and miscommunication," said Chief Daniel Merrill of the Orono Police Department. "But if something like this were to happen in the future, we would want to be better prepared."


On Wednesday, members of the school community and safety officials held an information session for parents, going over what the school did well and what could have gone better.


"We're really reflective of what happened back in March here," said RSU 26 Superintendent Meredith Higgins. "Part of our process is to learn and grow constantly to help prevent tragic events from happening."


One of the biggest concerns parents expressed at the information session was the school's communication.


"I think it's important for parents to know and trust there's a plan in place," said Merrill. "We will get back to them as soon as we can, but in the immediate dealings of a situation, our communication with them and other family members probably isn't going to be the highest priority we have."


Merrill said law enforcement's highest priority will always be to keep everybody safe.


As a result of the incident, the school does plan to implement a new communication system by the end of the summer so parents instantly receive a text.


Higgins said they also plan to install a new PA system in the middle school.

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