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Acadia Hospital hosts annual ethics conference

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BANGOR - Medical professionals participated in a conference aimed at solving some of the ethical dilemmas they face Wednesday at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Inside the Hilton Garden Inn, members of Northern Light Acadia Hospital commenced their Ethical Considerations conference.


Meisha Nickerson, an organizer of the 2019 Acadia Ethics Conference, said a variety of ethics challenges were discussed.


"Last year we had domestic violence. This year we have transgender issues, taking care of dying patients, ethical issues that come up in regular, everyday care that we need to be up and on about. The most relevant education material that's out there, research and everything, is presented here. It's a great opportunity for people to learn and get credits," Nickerson said.


One of the bigger issues that keynote speaker Sue Belanger said she has encountered is what patients themselves desire, which she noted can lead to conflict.


"Some of the situations that clinicians might be involved in are caring for patients or clients that want something that's not good for them," she said.


"We want to do right by our patients and sometimes they don't want the right things for their own personal care," Belanger said.


Overall, however, collaboration among doctors and nurses in attendance helps boost the quality of patient care, Belanger said.


"What I'm dealing with today, my friend may be dealing with tomorrow, and another nurse in another unit may be dealing with two days from now. If we all talk about it maybe we could have a coordinated approach to that person's care," she said. 


Nickerson said patients also have a voice at the conference.


"We get patients attending these and participating in the event to tell them that 'I am a patient in the hospice world or I am a patient. I am a person that identifies as transgender and this is the kind of care I would like to see.' It's great to have that collaboration between patients and providers in a non-healthcare setting," Nickerson said.

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