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Sen. Collins works to lower drug costs

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BANGOR - Senator Susan Collins said she's working in Washington, DC to lower the high cost of prescription drugs.


Maine's Republican senator said she's working on a bill that would prevent pharmaceutical companies from using the patent system in order to prevent competitors from coming to market.


She said it's important to reward companies with a period of time where they have exclusive rights to sell their medicine, but when that period expires they should not be able to make a minor change and get a new patent that prevents a cheaper, generic brand from coming to market.


We caught up with Sen. Collins at a commencement in Bangor Saturday.


"Ninety percent of our seniors take at least one prescription drug. Maine's the oldest state in the nation by median age. So this is a really important issue that I hear a lot about," she said.


Sen. Collins also said the Intelligence Committee is wrapping up their investigation into Russia's counterintelligence efforts against the United States.


She said they hope to finish up the report in the next couple months.

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