Friday, 10 May 2019 10:51

Teens rescued after rowboat blown out to sea

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FALMOUTH (WGME) - Three Falmouth teenagers are lucky to be alive after being blown nearly half a mile out to sea Wednesday before being rescued.

Falmouth police said the incident could have ended very badly.


Officials said the three teens went out on the water in a small rowboat and were overpowered by the wind.


Lt. Frank Soule said the three teens they began at the town landing and ended up just over a half mile from shore.


A local fisherman spotted them and notified the marine unit.


Soule said while the wind was working against them, rescuers were able to tow them back to safety.


Officials now are now using the incident as a warning for those heading out on the water.


"They don't realize sometimes the water is so cold that you have a very short time if you're actually in it and can't get out, that you're going to be able to function in that environment," Soule said.


"So obviously we want people to be aware of that and to take it easy and let the season get a little further along before we do too much around the water that's going to cause some problems," he said.


Soule said the teens had no life jackets with them.


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