Thursday, 09 May 2019 13:18

Students learn about local traditions on Maine Day

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SEDGWICK - Students at Sedgwick Elementary School celebrated Maine Day on Wednesday.

Throughout the day, students learned about lobstering, how to fish-print T-shirts and the basics of canoeing.


The school's former principal said the purpose of Maine Day was to teach youngsters Sedgwick traditions they could keep alive on their own.


"These are traditional activities and too many times kids are out of touch with traditional activities," Donald Buckingham said.


"They're watching TV, they're going on vacation out of state, there are things that they can do in their own backyard that they're not taking advantage of. It might take somebody introducing them to it to light the spark and the fire that gets them moving," he said.


The school also had a puppet show and taught the students contra dance to celebrate the day.

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