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Bar Harbor residents raise concerns over new parking policy Featured

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BAR HARBOR- Residents of Bar Harbor still have questions about the paid parking and permit policy going into effect on May 15th.

"We are implementing a new parking plan that will start in May and go until October" said Bar Harbor Town Councilor, Judie Noonan.


At a meeting on Monday night, residents and town councilors both expressed concerns about the new paid parking and permit policy soon going into effect.


"Some of this information is new to us, maybe a week or two weeks old." explained Ed Damm, a Bar Harbor resident. "Knowing it's coming May 15th, some of us want to know the specifics of the parking plan."


The two most suggested changes were to not enforce paid parking after 6 P.M. or on Sundays.


The Parking Solutions Task Force said they were not going to recommend either of those suggestions to town council members.


"I think we really have to look at what we want." said Noonan. "Do we want to encourage people to get into town walk around, get dinner, look at the shops, or do we want them to run into town, wolf down dinner and get out of town in two hours?"


Employers are also concerned about their workers possibly having to pay for parking.


"I think for us, what is the right balance for us. Is it employer paid or is it associate paid?"


For now, many say they are left wondering what the town hopes to get out of the new policy.


"I feel we should really be wanting to enhance the experience and make it easier for people. I feel if we strike the correct balance we'll do just that."


Councilors will discuss and vote on changes at their meeting on May 7th.

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