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Bill would make elder isolation, abuse a crime

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AUGUSTA - A Brewer representative has proposed a bill that would make it a crime to isolate aging parents from their adult children.

The bill, known as the "Peter Falk Bill" is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Arthur "Archie" Verow.


It would make it a crime to isolate, abuse or neglect older or dependent adults.


The bill mirrors one just passed in Utah, sponsored by the daughter of the well-known TV actor who played the detective "Columbo."


“I said I'm not interested in the estate, I just want to see my dad,” said Catherine Falk, daughter of the actor. “The judge was floored. She said, 'I never had to rule like this. I've never had to deal with visitation rights.' That's when I came up with the idea.”


Falk said she felt helpless and hopeless after she was turned away from her dying father's home by her stepmother.


She had to sue for the right to see him.


Afterward, she created the Catherine Falk Organization, which supports similar legislation across the county.

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