Wednesday, 24 April 2019 12:56

Lawmakers working to reform DHHS

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AUGUSTA - Maine lawmakers discussed on Tuesday solutions for the state's broken child protective system.

Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Cumberland, is sponsoring a bill to create a commission to reform Maine's child protective system in the wake of the deaths of two children that triggered an investigation into the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.


"In the past, we've only reacted in a knee jerk fashion whenever there's a tragedy, so we try to fix the problem real quick. And, that hasn't worked well. So we really need to put some time into this, bring everyone on board, and focus on a long term solution," he said.


Diamond said Sen. Shenna Bellows, D-Manchester, has introduced legislation to reform the court system's handling of child protective cases.


According to Diamond, the two bills would work hand in hand.