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Warden offers tips for dealing with wandering wildlife Featured

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BANGOR - Another sign of spring is the roaming wildlife you might encounter.

 April showers don't just bring May flowers, they're bringing our furry neighbors out from hibernation.


Lt. Dan Scott of the Maine Warden Service listed some of the animals Mainers need to be on the lookout for.


"Things like foxes, raccoons, skunks and woodchucks will start to show up pretty regularly in the next few weeks. We want people to know that just because they've seen some wildlife species out during the day, it doesn't mean that it's sick or injured or there's any kind of a problem," Scott said.


And if you do run into them: "If you care, leave them there," Scott said.


"We just advise people to keep their distance," Scott added. "Observe them from a distance because you can never really tell what a wild animal may do if you approach it."


You might ask, what about if you run into the baby cubs?


"The parent hasn't abandoned them. It hasn't left them. The parent is either off foraging for food to bring back or the parent has left because you're in the area and they're trying to draw you away from their young and they don't want to draw attention to them."


He says touching the babies hurts not only the animals but people as well.


"We still encourage people to not pick up baby wildlife that really can be a death sentence for them for one or two reasons. One, the smell of humans on them, the parent might not come back. And two, baby mammals, once they've had interactions with humans, we have to euthanize them in order to test them for the rabies virus," Scott said.


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