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Husson University hosts 2019 Earth Week Featured

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BANGOR - Husson University students celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up their campus.

 Husson students extended Earth Day to a campus-wide 2019 Earth Week to celebrate the planet.


"We are very excited it is our first week-long celebration at Husson for this event. The goal of this is to spread awareness and celebrate with our campus as well as the community on living a greener lifestyle," said Husson University student Kaile Kimball.


The students spent Monday picking up trash throughout campus, learning the importance of sustainable personal hygiene and learning what else they could do to help protect the environment.


Wynne Guglielmo, the Husson Environmental Health & Safety Director, said how the some of the snow from the winter season covered up some trash students are picking up.


"During the winter there's trash, it gets trapped in snow piles, the snow piles melt, and then all that trash gets sent out into freshwater bodies," she said. "So I think that the more people aware of stormwater issues and the impact I think the better. "


The students said the campus clean up is a symbol for the worldwide clean up that needs to happen.


"Its important for Husson because we want our campus to be beautiful and we're the ones that have made this mess and the same goes for climate change. We're the ones who made that mess as well and so it takes all of us to clean it up as well," Kimball said.


Earth Day was created in 1970 but even after almost 50 years, its impact remains the same.


"Earth Day is the most important holiday to me. I think that it is just the perfect time to celebrate our planet and to be reminded of the impact that we have and the impact that we'd like to have going forward," Kimball said.


Husson's Earth Week will have an open mic-night, craft fair and clothing swap events throughout the week.


For more information, contact [email protected] or visit the campus center in Peabody Hall.

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