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Rep. Golden comments on Mueller report Featured

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BANGOR - Days after the Mueller report was released, Maine's congressmen and women are making their way through the more than 400 page document.


Representative Jared Golden (D - Maine) said he's read about 25 percent of it so far.


He talked about the report at an event in Bangor Saturday.


The report did not find criminal evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, according to Attorney General William Barr.


But the report does detail how Russians interfered in the 2016 election.


Rep. Golden said from the reading he's done, he believes elected officials should be paying attention to that interference.


"They may continue to try and influence our future elections, try and drive a wedge and divide our society. We should be paying attention to that, talking about that, and trying to do something to prevent it from ever happening again," said Rep. Golden.


Rep. Golden reserved further comment until he's read more of the report.


He also mentioned a bill he's sponsoring in Washington which aims to stop high prescription drug costs.


Currently some pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly, or an exclusivity period, where generic brands of a new drug can't yet enter the market.


If a company raised their prices in a one year period by more than ten percent, this act would reduce the amount of time they can have that monopoly.


"We would like them not to raise prices to a point that crosses the threshold of what is fair, given that they're selling a product that people need," said Golden.

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