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AUGUSTA - Thursday afternoon, Senate and House Republicans held a news conference to air their grievances.

Republican lawmakers took turns airing their frustration over more than 50 Democrat-sponsored bills they said are ruining Maine's economy.


They used two poster boards filled with bills that they did not approve of.


"At this point, there is hardly any space left on my wall to keep track of all the bad ideas by the Democrats here in Augusta that would harm Maine's growing economy," said Senator Jeffrey Timberlake (R - Androscoggin).


They said these proposals are causing people and businesses to take their money elsewhere.


"With all these negative bills that we have and the atmosphere it's creating, they're going to go elsewhere and that's to our long term detriment. We can't let that happen," said Representative Dick Bradstreet (R - Vassalboro).


They also said legislation supported by the Democrats is causing Maine businesses to stagnate.


"This is all a result of businesses that did not expand, that did not grow because Maine frankly isn't even on the list for a lot of businesses to come to," said Senate Minority Leader Dana Dow (R - Lincoln).


But Democratic legislators didn't like Republicans pointing fingers at them and passing the blame.


Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson (D - Allagash) said all the Republicans are doing with the conference are making it harder to work together to move Maine forward.


"Democrats are working like crazy to make sure that good jobs are provided, that employers are playing by the rules, and helped to encourage to set up shop. But what we're not going to do is roll over, and some of the past administration and some of the very people you heard talked today, putting forward bills that actually don't do anything to help workers," Sen. Jackson said.


As evidenced by lawmakers on both sides of the party spectrum, the Democrats and Republicans couldn't be further from agreement.

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