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Locals react to the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral Featured

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BANGOR - People around the globe continue to mourn after a fire destroyed part of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

It's Holy Week and Catholics across the globe are remembering the sorrow leading up to Christ's death.


Now, they are also grieving the damage done to an iconic place of worship.


"I can't imagine what the average parishioner must feel like when their bishops church is burning." said Father Frank Murray, Pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Parish. "It's like losing a family home almost."


856 years of history were threatened on Monday when the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral burst into flames and collapsed.


"Artifacts it contains are supposedly a relic or remnant of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at the crucifixion, as well as nails from the crucifix, and a shard of the cross on which he was crucified." said Dr. David Haus, an Associate Professor of History at Husson University.


Father Murray says relics are important because they are irreplaceable and represent important saints or in this case, Jesus Christ.


"It's one of those things you don't expect." Murray said. "Something that old, something that magnificent, and is so familiar to everyone suddenly being destroyed."


According to Haus most relics were saved from the cathedral, except for those stored in the main spire, which collapsed during the fire.


Murray said that come Easter, he hopes Notre Dame's regular congregation can focus on rebuilding their place of worship and their faith.


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