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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 22:36

Shipping containers as buildings discussed in committee meeting Featured

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BANGOR - More people than ever are looking into using shipping containers as buildings.

Bangor's Business and Economic Development Committee acknowledge that and officials said they are working to stay ahead of the trend.


"They're great as temporary structures, they're incredibly durable." said Chad Walton, CEO of SnapSpace Solutions in Brewer.


SnapSpace specializes in transforming shipping containers into useful structures.


Walton said safety is a priority for the company.


"We build everything to minimum IBC standards and we work with local communities for specific zoning and code requirements for that community," he said.


SnapSpace uses third-party inspectors to make sure their units are up to code before they are shipped anywhere but it is not a practice all companies follow.


"One of the challenges we have when enforcing the building code in Bangor is when things are assembled off site and brought into the city," said Tanya Emery, Bangor's community and economic development director.


Now Bangor is considering adopting rules that would ensure units are inspected before being occupied by people.


"We're following the lead of the city of Portland, which created a policy giving people the opportunity to hire a third-party inspector or have inspections done on site in Bangor before everything is closed in," Emery said.


Walton said he is in favor of this policy and that it will help prevent future problems.


"We're ways ahead of most people in the field right now because we have units all over the world," said Walton. "We've sort of had to blaze the trail on some of these learning curves."


The ordinance would only apply to commercial units.


Committee members agreed to address residential concerns in the future.

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