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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 19:39

Act would require schools teach 'basic life skills'

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AUGUSTA - An act requiring all Maine students to receive instruction in vocational and practical life skills was discussed in Augusta Tuesday.

A group of state lawmakers want Maine students to have knowledge of some very basic life skills.

One state lawmaker, whose wife was a home economics teacher, said students should be taught how to use a ruler or cook a meal for themselves.

Basically, according to Representative Dennis Keschl (R-Belgrade), it would allow home economics and vocational prep to once again be taught in Maine schools.

"Regardless of whether you're going to college, or whether you're getting a technical skill, or whether you're just going to go live your life, you're going to be an adult at some point in time after you get out of high school," said Rep. Keschl. "You need basic life skills."

The measure is receiving bi-partisan support as it makes its way through the legislative process.