Tuesday, 16 April 2019 15:27

Westbrook police officer saves life in airport

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WESTBROOK (WGME) - Officer Josh Murrow was on his way home from California over the weekend when he was delayed and missed a flight in New Jersey. 

However, a problem arose while he was waiting in line to get another flight back to Maine.


A man standing behind him in line passed out and Murrow quickly jumped into action. He called out for medical help but no doctors or nurses were around.


Murrow said the man regained consciousness briefly, saying he is borderline diabetic, and then passed out again. When Murrow could not find a pulse on the man, he quickly began CPR.


"I think it was a fight or flight response where in that I just jumped in. I saw what happened and I immediately just fought my natural instinct and jumped in and wanted to help the man after realizing he had collapsed," Murrow said.


The man's pulse returned and he regained consciousness, giving Murrow time to find someone to bring him food and a soda.


The Westbrook Police Department shared a Facebook post saying, "Undoubtedly, Officer Murrow saved this man's life," calling him a true hero.