Tuesday, 16 April 2019 13:48

Ellsworth whoopie pie store opening soon

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ELLSWORTH - Bangin' Whoopies opened a downtown Bangor location in February and now the owner is planning to open another one.

James Gallagher said a new location will be opening in downtown Ellsworth on the first floor of the Maine Grind building on Main Street.


Gallagher said a lot of his customers are from Hancock County and that he is excited to bring his product to them.


"It's been crazy. Facebook's been blowing up, Instagram, all the social media. People are really excited to see a whoopie pie bakery go into Ellsworth because there's really not a bakery that specializes in whoopie pies," he said.


Bangin' Whoopies' location in Ellsworth will be open by May 1.