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Ellsworth City Council votes to amend housing guidelines Featured

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ELLSWORTH -  Ellsworth City Council members unanimously voted to amend the guidelines for their housing rehabilitation program.

"The Community Development Block Grant is designed to help low and moderate income neighborhoods." said David Cole, Ellsworth's City Manager.


Ellsworth City Councilors accepted the CDBG grant in May of 2017.


Now they're changing who has access to the funds.


"This amendment that we're bringing to the council tonight would expand the eligibility and allow, what we think is a worth while project, the Families First Community Center to qualify." said Steve Fuller, the Assistant City Planner.


The city was specifically asked to amend the guidelines by Maine's Director of the Office of Community Development to allow this project.


"The facility is designed to help families that are dealing with homelessness to transition out of homelessness." Fuller said. "This would allow them to use money from out of this program to put a sprinkler system into the building."


The previous guidelines only allowed funding from the grant to be used for projects in singe-family homes, properties owned by the city, or quasi-municipal entities.


"We're one community. When we can uplift one neighborhood, it's good for everyone." said Cole.


The city has until June to use what money is left from the grant.


At Monday night's meeting councilors said the Families First project will use most of the remaining balance.

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