Thursday, 11 April 2019 12:11

Lawmakers take up ranked-choice voting

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AUGUSTA (WGME) - State lawmakers took up six bills on ranked-choice voting Wednesday.

Three of those bills aim to do away with ranked-choice voting and the other three propose constitutional amendments to the voting method to include the governor's race and state legislative races in the general election.


Without bipartisan support, a constitutional amendment for ranked-choice voting is unlikely since it would require a two-thirds majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to go to Maine voters.


"We're supporting a constitutional amendment that would expand ranked-choice voting to apply for governor in the general election like Maine voters originally wanted," said Anna Kellar of the League of Women Voters of Maine.


In 2016, Maine voters approved ranked-choice voting and it became law but the Maine Constitution states that in a general election, the governor and state lawmakers must be elected by a plurality vote.