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No bail for meth-tainted breast milk mom charged again Featured

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BANGOR - The local mother who police say poisoned her child with meth-tainted breast milk, was back in court on Wednesday facing charges she operated a meth lab.

Alyssa Murch, 21, is now facing five charges.


Her attorney for the day pointed the finger at another drug user, saying he was the criminal, and added she does not believe her baby got drugged by her breast milk.


“The child ate some meth that apparently was on the floor,” Attorney Dennis Hamrick said.


“It wasn't through her breast milk,” Jacob Robertson, Murch's fiance and father of the baby boy who was drugged, said in front of the courthouse. “It was something that was on the floor that, I believe, he absorbed through his skin.”


“She's been doing good. She's staying clean. We both have,” he added later. “It's a mess, it really is a mess.”


Murch also informed the court that she is pregnant with her third child. Her other two children are currently in the custody of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.  Robertson told Judge Greg Campbell that the couple has supervised visits on Fridays.


Murch was charged earlier this year with aggravated drug furnishing, domestic violence assault against a child, and endangering the welfare of a child. That was after her unconscious 7-month-old son was taken to the hospital on Dec. 16.


On Tuesday afternoon she was arrested by agents with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency for unlawful operation of a meth lab at her former Davis Road residence and for violating conditions of her release.


Hamrick said the man who introduced Murch to methamphetamines has been staying at her residence.


“He is the person doing illegal activities at the house,” the attorney said.


The affidavit states materials used to make one pot shake-and-bake meth were found in the apartment.


“I think it's appropriate to order she be held without bail,” the judge decided. “The reason I'm doing that is because of the seriousness of the underlying charges and the seriousness of the new charges.”


The couple's son has recovered, his father says.


“He's very good,”  Robertson said. “He's getting big. He definitely needs his mother.”

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