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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 16:01

2019 UMaine Student Symposium Featured

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BANGOR-  University of Maine students packed the Cross Insurance Center to showcase their work.

On Wednesday some UMaine students came together to show off their research and creative work.


Elisabeth Kilroy, a graduate student and vice president of UMaine graduate student government.


"It's a great time for students who are involved in research on campus to come together, share what they found, establish collaborations with other labs that may specialize in things that could be an addition to their own projects. As well as showcase to the state of Maine just how great the research is at UMaine and what a difference it's making on an economic level, on a state level, and on a national level as well," Kilroy said.


She said they're making an impact not only in their own fields but abroad as well.


"I think students are finally seeing that their work matters and it's important. We need them to help us develop these new techniques and bring them forward on a national and global level as well," she said.


Kilroy wanted the public to look at the presentations as a preview of what work the students can do once they graduate.


"Take a look at UMaine again, we are really really pushing the research and the economic development. The students here are great future employees. Don't forget about us students, undergrads and grads.  We would love to be employed here in the state," she said.


Scott Delcourt, the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies of UMaine, said the presentations at the symposium were varied and unique.


"Basically we have nine disciplinary categories ranging from the arts and social sciences to education to engineering to physical sciences to life sciences as well as one interdisciplinary category," he said.


According to Kilroy, the goal of the projects at the symposium was to take the research outside the lab.


"We're always working to make sure that the state of Maine and the people within the state are impacted positively by our research and then taking it on a national scale as well," she said.




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