Friday, 22 March 2019 16:38

Bill would tighten OUI laws

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AUGUSTA - Maine's OUI laws could be seeing some changes if a bill moving through the state legislature is adopted.

The bill would lower the legal blood alcohol content level if there is evidence the driver was under the influence of another drug at the time, including marijuana and opioids.


Currently, the legal limit is .08. The bill would change it to .05 -- but only if someone is found to be using a drug in addition to alcohol. That would include prescription drugs that can have adverse effects when drinking.


"Trying to improve the OUI law. We haven't updated it in a quite a while. What we're trying to do is prevent people from injuring another victim or themselves," said Sen. Scott Cyrway, R-Albion.


The bill had a public hearing Friday in Augusta. The proposal also would ensure a driver under the age of 21 cannot test positive at all for alcohol or for marijuana.