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Students get glimpse into criminal justice system

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BREWER - Federal agents and others involved in law enforcement gave some Brewer High School students a behind-the-scenes look at the criminal justice system Thursday through the TRUST (Teach mutual Respect and Understanding through SimulaTion) Program.

"It's really not an opportunity for us to just be talking at them but to hear back what their experiences are, what their hopes are for the future," Penobscot County District Attorney Marianne Lynch said.


Others from law enforcement agreed the give and take with students was important.


"These students will be giving us a lot of valuable information and we'll be giving them some valuable information. It's two-way communication," Brewer Public Safety Director Jason Moffitt said.


The program offered a variety of sessions for students, who said they learned a great deal about what officers experience through real-life simulations that were part of the program.


"It's nerve-wracking for them to go through situations -- if somebody is ready to pull out a gun or a knife or anything on them -- so it's definitely cool," said Ali Cottrell, a Brewer High student. 

Students said they hope they can use what they learned Thursday in the future.


"If we have questions about certain things that the law enforcement does that might confuse us, it will definitely help us down the road if something did ever happen," student Audra Espling said.

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