Thursday, 21 March 2019 11:55

Downs to be held without bail

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AUBURN (WGME) - A man charged with sexual assault and murder in a cold case in Alaska will continue to be held without bail in Maine.

During an extradition hearing Wednesday in Auburn, Steven Downs' attorney asked a judge not to send Downs back to Alaska and that Downs be put under house arrest.


However, prosecutors asked the judge to deny bail for Downs and the judge agreed.


Jim Howaniec, Downs' lawyer, said the only evidence that links his client to the crime is through


"There is nothing out of the University of Alaska that he ever participated in any sort of acts of violence or any sort of disorderly behavior, or drunkenness or anything with weapons. It's really a very strange event," said 


Downs will be held without bail at Androscoggin County Jail for the next 60 days while the court waits for paperwork from Alaska. Downs continues to deny any involvement in the crime.


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