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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 17:57

Red flag gun law stir up debate

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AUGUSTA- Maine state house was the center for debate as a red flag gun law was being considered for legislation.

 People came out in support and against LD 1312, also known as red flag legislation.

Supporters state that the legislation is intended to keep Mainers safe.

"This bill is about keeping our community safe, while it won't stop every violent act, it can help bring an end to the headlines about rising suicide rates and families torn apart by deadly violence, " Senator Rebecca Millet said.

Even members of the police force support the legislation.

"There's a mental health crisis in this country, in this state. There are those we can deal with but when a family comes to us and we can't the assistance to be able to take away weapons and to protect those to get them the help they need. I think that obviously we're not doing the service that we'd like to be," York Police Chief Douglas Brady said.

According to legislators, the bill would create a new kind of court order known as an extreme risk protection order which temporarily restricts a person's access to firearms when they pose a danger to themselves or others.

Opponents of the bill feel that the bills would empower the wrong people to make judgment calls on who is considered a danger.

"This can be a neighbor, this can be an ex that's vindictive, this could be a relative maybe they're mad because you didn't loan them money that they needed or maybe they don't like your political views, " said Tiffany Moody, a member of Gun Owners of Maine.

But supporters say the bill had serious consequences for people who make false accusations.

"It would be considered a Class C felony which would mean up to five years in jail and potentially a $5000 fine," said Legislative Lead for Maine's Moms Demand Action Nacole Palmer.

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