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Thursday, 14 March 2019 17:05

Labor Lobby Day draws workers to Augusta

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AUGUSTA - About 200 workers gathered in Augusta Thursday morning for the annual Labor Lobby Day.

Labor union members announced their legislative agenda for 2019, putting their support behind bills they believe will help Maine's working families.


One of those bills would require some employers to provide earned paid sick leave.


A nurse from Old Town said while her union contract provides her paid sick time, there are many working Mainers who do not have that protection.


"It is a wholly undignified choice when someone must choose between staying home and losing their pay or going to work sick," said Erin Oberson of the Maine State Nurses Association.


Wednesday's rally took place in front of a laborer's mural in the Maine State Museum. Others in attendance included loggers, teachers, firefighters and more. Some of the other issues discussed included addressing the mental health issues of firefighters and strengthening collective bargaining.